Tim Gardner (b.1973, USA/Canada)

Tim Gardner was born in Iowa City in 1973 and grew up in Canada. Since the late nineties, Gardner’s paintings, drawings, and lithographs have explored a specifically North American middle-class world of masculinity and the photographic conventions used to document it. His source material comprises snapshots, either found or taken by the artist, which capture the rites of passage in which his subjects partake. His early watercolors render in exacting detail the amateur photography taken by his brothers to chronicle the drunken exploits of their friends. In his recent works in both pastel and watercolor, Gardner portrays contemporary male subjects amid sublime nature, inspiring comparisons to Romantics like Caspar David Friedrich. Gardner’s paintings have been exhibited worldwide with group and solo shows. (src. Guggenheim Museum Collection Online)

© All images courtesy the artist ; artist found via Fubiz

Sam Francis (1923-1994, USA)

Sam Francis was an American painter and printmaker. He was initially influenced by the work of abstract expressionists such as Mark Rothko, Arshile Gorky and Clyfford Still. Francis spent the 1950s in Paris, having his first exhibition there in 1952. While there he became associated with Tachisme. He later spent time in Japan, and some have seen an influence from Zen Buddhism in his work. During the final three decades of his career his style of large scale bright Abstract Expressionism, which featured spontaneous and gestural applications of acrylic paint and washes, was also closely associated with Color Field painting. In 1984 Francis founded The Lapis Press with the goal of producing unusual and timely texts in visually compelling formats.