Janet Echelman & Aaron Koblin - Unnumbered sparks
photos by Ema Peter; courtesy of studio Echelman

From March 15 to March 22, a spectacular sight greeted residents of downtown Vancouver: a monumental net sculpture floating in the sky, spanning 745 feet between buildings. Created for the TED Conference’s 30th anniversary, the installation called Unnumbered Sparks is the result of a collaboration between artists Janet Echelman and Aaron Koblin.

Woven from braided fibers, the ethereal net ripples and sways in the sky. At nighttime, the sculpture comes alive with illumination that is choreographed by visitors who gather beneath the net. By making small movements on their mobile devices, visitors can paint spectacular beams of light that streak across the sculpture’s surface in real time.

via mymodernmet

Joseph Novak - The Minimum Bible | Old Testament

THE MINIMUM BIBLE is a graphic design collection by Joseph Novak. In an age of information overflow, sometimes we need to strip away the many words which obfuscate meaning and rely on simple symbolic shapes to introduce us to themes beyond the text. THE MINIMUM BIBLE is one attempt to portray biblical themes and texts visually using a minimalist style with a found-item overlay.

via Co Design